Dear Ghost Vigilantes,

The Devespresso team is excited to wish everyone a very happy new year! Here's hoping 2019 is an exciting year for all our players.

2018 was a very busy year for our team. We set the ambitious goal of working on three projects at once. In 2019 we'll be showcasing all three; The Coma: Cutting Class Mobile, Vambrace: Cold Soul, and The Coma 2 (working title).

We're releasing the Coma: Cutting Class this month. It will be published by our dear friends at Dodam Games. We entrusted them with the responsibility of redesigning the interface for AOS and iOS. The touch controls will add a new element of excitement to the Coma's dark challenge.

Vambrace: Cold Soul needs more time. It is now being tested by a solid QA team. The gameplay is being balanced, and we're localizing the script as well. But worry not! The game's release is imminent. We just want to make sure we deliver the best experience possible.

Hyunho Kim
Emi Evans

One feature we can't wait to share is a song composed by our own Hyunho Kim. As mentioned in an earlier post Emi Evans of NieR: Automata fame lending her angelic vocals! Hyunho is an EDM artist by trade, so this was a welcome break from composing the orchestral work he has been focused on for this soundtrack.

Our next game is the sequel of the Coma: Recut. Tristan is still working on a proper subtitle for the game. We'll be showing off some of the game's first screens next month and we're sure Coma fans are going to love what they see.

2019 marks the 4th year of game our team has been working on games. It has been a real challenge, but we've done our best to stay busy and dedicated to our craft. We are thankful we can pursue that passion and share our hard work with you.

As always, thanks for your support and stay tuned for the excitement to come!


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