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Hi Ghost Vigilantes,

It's that time of year again...Koreans all around are bracing for winter. No doubt, it'll be even colder than last year. Speaking of which, this weather is setting the perfect atmosphere for Vambrace: Cold Soul. We're hard at work with a closed beta test of our new roguelike adventure. We've also started development of The Coma 2 (working title). Here are some more details:

1. Vambrace: Cold Soul Progress

We began closed beta testing on Steam toward the end of October. A lot of bugs were detected thanks to the eagle-eyed efforts of our testers. We must commend them for the invaluable help they've provided.

On the topic of gameplay, it seems a typical playthrough may take much longer than we anticipated. Most of our testers have just made it to Chapter 4. Some gamers report that their experience has been quite difficult. Others believe the difficulty level is a perfect match for the game's specific genre. The art, music, and story have also been well received so far...which gave us some welcome relief.

We're now turning our attention to rebalancing aspects of the game that we feel could provide a better experience for our players. Chief among these efforts are our attempts to balance Comrade dynamics. It is important to us that players enjoy various team combinations in a balanced manner without any compromise to the fun of combat.

By the way, good news for Linux players! The current built looks to be stable and is working fine. Many thanks to Liam for providing feedback on the Linux playthrough! :)

2. Vambrace Plan

We'll be making an official announcement about our publishing partners for Vambrace soon. We'll also spend the rest of the year doing QA with our partners and offering early access to the media in January 2019. We're confident the build will be ready for your hands right after that.

3. The Coma: Cutting Class Mobile

We have partnered with Dodam Games, a mobile game publisher based in Seoul. They will be turning their attention to the Coma project very soon. Their challenge will be in reducing the size of the game files to something more reasonable. It is with much regret that we report the lead programmer of the project took a nasty fall and severely hurt his hand.

Here's wishing him a speedy recovery!

4. The Coma 2 (Working Title)

We're not sure when Tristan will finalize the game's title...but we know he's working on it. Some good news is that we're making speedy progress on the game's core modules. We expect those to be finished by this coming January.

The graphics are also in progress, and the story is being written now. We may have some screenshots to show soon. We've expanded locations, characters, and mechanics beyond the scope of The Coma: Recut. We owe a lot of ideas directly to the feedback we received from fans of the original.

We're also proud to announce that we will be collaborating with graphic designer, Eun-Ji. She's an accomplished Korean webtoon artist and will be lending her talents to the in-game graphics. We're all looking forward to seeing the amazing work she'll do on this project.

So, we hope these updates satisfy any lingering curiosity about what we've been up to. Feel free to share your thoughts with us, and stay tuned!


|Team Devespresso

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