We've got some news and updates for you

Hey Everybody,

We've got some news and updates for you regarding our community and development progress.

Let's start with the bad news by pulling it off like a band aid. As some of you may have noticed, we've closed the community forums. Unfortunately, it just wasn't getting the traction we intended and also ended up attracting loads of spammers. Policing it took more effort than we deemed necessary. Thank you to all fans who participated in the community and made our site a brighter place. Perhaps we'll revisit this initiative someday in the future.

Now, onto the good news! There is still an awesome way to connect with Devespresso. By signing up, you'll have exclusive access to our team and behind the scene news. We'll also send you digital goodies we don't put up online. To kick off this initiative, we've redesigned the Ghost Vigilante seal, the new symbol of our club's membership. We love hearing from you and enjoy connecting with the people who make this all possible. New members will also receive a sweet digital artbook we're working on. So, join us today! We think you'd make a fine addition to the Ghost Vigilantes.

For our final update, news about our next game. Progress is going smoothly on Vambrace: Cold Soul. We've received a ton of positive feedback about the game and Minho is wrapping up his work on the character animations now. Of our game's 7 chapter lineup, only 3 remain to be built. So, we're very much ahead of schedule. We can't wait to get Vambrace in the hands of players!

As always, thank you for your continued support!

| Team Devespresso