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  • Hi, Devespresso Team! I got Vambrace for PS4, having a blast with it (your illustrator is a true artist). Unfortunately, i've encountered a problem with trophies. I got every costume in the game, but trophies "got 20 costumes" and "got all costumes" doesn't pop up, thus blocking me from obtaining Platinum. I even tried to completly deleting save from the system, than replaying the game to get at least 20 costumes, but nothing. It's very frustrating, i hope you can patch things up.
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  • 글씨깨지는 부분이 있네요. + 이외 다른 부분에서도 깨지는 부분이 있더군요 그리고 해상도 문제인지 긴 문장은 맨 밑문장이 잘려서 내용 확인이 안되네요. 이 부분에서 오타가 있네요. 확인해주세요
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